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Debate Closing Statements!

We know you Cub Pubbers have been waiting patiently for the footage from last Tuesday’s CPU debate between the college democrats and republicans on affirmative action. We’ll the videos are coming in! You’ll be able to watch the edited news story for CTV later this week, but to tide you over we’re sending you the un- edited closing statements! The camera work is a little bit amateurish because someone (read: Cub Pub Editor in Chief Zach Kagan) forgot to bring an extension cord and clear the memory beforehand. But C’est la vie! You can get a pretty good feel for what went down by just watching these closing statements:

Also, The Cub Pub is playing with backgrounds. At time of this posting we have a blue background with white crowns. Do you like it or should be go back to blue and darker blue stripes? Let us know in the comments.

[EDIT] Due to the crowns not formatting well on some browsers we have switched back to the stripes.


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