CCSC Elections, CPU Updates

CCSC Election Results + Cub Pub Remodel

Spring, time for a new look for all

You may notice that the Cub Pub looks a bit different. Perhaps a bit swankier? Well that’s because the Cub Pub has broken free of its cocoon and emerged a beautiful bloggy butterfly. In plain English that means that this is the blog’s finalized design. There’s also an all new about page! We’re always tweaking and improving things though, and we love your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments about the website just leave them in a comment below!

In the meantime the Earth still turns and that means that CCSC election results have come in. For sure you already know who won, but Cub Pub has an extensive list after the jump.  However, there is one important detail that you won’t get from any other publication. Both of your new University senators, Matthew Chou and Richard Sun, wrote about their platform here on the Cub Pub. They were two of only three who took advantage of the offer we extended to all senate candidates. Sure, they both ran strong campaigns, but it just goes to show the potential this blog has to get the word out. Congrats Matt and Richard! Next year we hope the Cub Pub receives statements from all the candidates!

Congratulations to all the winners, all of whom are conveniently listed below:

Executive Board
President: Karishma Habbu
VP Policy: Will Hughes
VP Finance: Daphne Chen
VP Communications: Jared Odessky
VP Campus Life: Yanyi Luo

University Senate
Richard Sun & Matthew Chou

Academic Affairs Representative
Steven Castellano

Student Affairs Representatives
Christina Fan & Blaine Harper

Pre-Professional Representative
Caroline Lisankie

2015 Class Council Representatives
Liam Bland
Matthew Chupack
Mary Joseph

2015 Class Council President & Vice President
Loxley Bennett & Julia Jarrett

2014 Class Council Representatives
Arvin Ahmadi
Sarita Patankar
Zach Vargas-Sullivan

2014 Class Council President & Vice President
Conan Cassidy & Joanna Kelly

2013 Class Council Representatives
Eugene Wu
Bayo Adesomo
Jide Adebayo

2013 Class Council President & Vice President
Ryan Mandelbaum & Elizabeth Angeles

Results come from the CUIT blog on CCSC Elections, for more in depth results check this pdf out.


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