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CPU Event: Syria Panel TODAY!!!

seriously, fuck al-asadWe know it’s late in the semester and times are tight, but that doesn’t stop human rights abuses in Syria. Bashar Al-Assad hasn’t let up the violent oppression of his own people since the Arab Spring, where they demanded an end to his political party’s nearly fifty year long rule. Al-Assad’s military intervention against protestors has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Syrians and the violence is continuing. Just recently Al-Assad’s forces shelled and dispersed opposition forces located in the city of Hama, killing fifty people.

The Columbia Political Union will be holding a panel to discuss the future of Syria and the extent of Al-Assad’s violence and if you have any interest then you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice by not attending. The event will be taking place Tuesday (that’s today) in room 517, Hamilton Hall. Panelists will include Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah and Mr. Sarab Al-Jijakli. Be there, or influential international journalist, Fareed Zakaria, will be disappointed in you!

In the interest of sparking discussion on the violence in Syria, this link will take you to a youtube video showing graphic amateur footage of the ongoing fighting. If you do not wish to see graphic and possibly disturbing content please do not click that link and click this one instead. We promise you’ll have a better time while still being somewhat informed.


2 thoughts on “CPU Event: Syria Panel TODAY!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Al-Assad will be holding on with all he’ve got. Western powers just give speaches but no real help to Syrians.

  2. noah chugash says:

    It’s a misserable existance being poor in an Arab country, whether Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq,.. might makes right and the West hasn’t the means to “save” everyone. Africa, India, South East Asia aren’t doing well either. Are we to blame?

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