CPU Updates

Welcome Back, Columbia!

September is here and the campus is buzzing with excitement, at least it will be once everyone has had their coffee/hair-of-the-dog. You can’t deny it for much longer- the semester is upon us. Now’s the time to really think about how to have the best semester possible. Start reading those books early, stake out the best study spots (bonus points if you explore outside of Butler), and- of course- get involved with CPU.  We’re talking to you First Years*: now’s the best time to get started at the Political Union. So come on down to our NSOP table today in Lerner’s West Ramp Lounge from 4:30-5:30. We don’t bite.

Start your storage boxes!

* Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors. We still luv you and wanna see you today, but it’s important to let the First-Years feel welcome. You understand kthxbi


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