About the Cub Pub

Welcome to the Cub Pub, blog of the Columbia Political Union. Here you’ll find a wide variety of content, all relating in some way to either politics or Columbia University. You can expect coverage of campus political events, statements from Columbians of interest, editorials on national and world events, and much more. Our goal is to encourage engaging political discussion on campus and beyond. For this reason the blog tends to focus on the experience of Columbia students and their reactions to the world around them.

The Cub Pub, like the Columbia Political Union, is non-partisan. However, you will find on the blog opinions on political happenings and writings by persons who belong to particular political groups. The Cub Pub recognizes that being completely impartial is neer impossible. More than that, expressing opinions and taking a stance is an important part of political discourse. For that reason we will not avoid content that expresses an opinion or particular view. That said, no opinion found on the blog reflects the official positions of the CPU. Just as CPU hosts partisan figures at its events to incite discussion, the Cub Pub seeks to publish content that ranges over the whole spectrum of political thought.

As part of CPU’s mission to increase political involvement of all peoples, we welcome all political opinions on the blog, so long as they are respectful of others and non-prejudiced. We try to minimize one-sidedness and bias. For this reason our writing staff is encouraged to consider all sides of political issues, even those they don’t personally agree with. Additionally, the Cub Pub is open to responses from all parties looking to have their voices heard. Get in there and have your voice heard!

If there are any questions that you would like answered by Cub Pub staff, please email CPU Blog Director Zach Kagan at zak2108@columbia.edu.


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