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Welcome Back, Columbia!

September is here and the campus is buzzing with excitement, at least it will be once everyone has had their coffee/hair-of-the-dog. You can’t deny it for much longer- the semester is upon us. Now’s the time to really think about how to have the best semester possible. Start reading those books early, stake out the best study spots (bonus points if you explore outside of Butler), and- of course- get involved with CPU.  We’re talking to you First Years*: now’s the best time to get started at the Political Union. So come on down to our NSOP table today in Lerner’s West Ramp Lounge from 4:30-5:30. We don’t bite.

Start your storage boxes!

* Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors. We still luv you and wanna see you today, but it’s important to let the First-Years feel welcome. You understand kthxbi

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CCSC Election Results + Cub Pub Remodel

Spring, time for a new look for all

You may notice that the Cub Pub looks a bit different. Perhaps a bit swankier? Well that’s because the Cub Pub has broken free of its cocoon and emerged a beautiful bloggy butterfly. In plain English that means that this is the blog’s finalized design. There’s also an all new about page! We’re always tweaking and improving things though, and we love your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments about the website just leave them in a comment below!

In the meantime the Earth still turns and that means that CCSC election results have come in. For sure you already know who won, but Cub Pub has an extensive list after the jump.  However, there is one important detail that you won’t get from any other publication. Both of your new University senators, Matthew Chou and Richard Sun, wrote about their platform here on the Cub Pub. They were two of only three who took advantage of the offer we extended to all senate candidates. Sure, they both ran strong campaigns, but it just goes to show the potential this blog has to get the word out. Congrats Matt and Richard! Next year we hope the Cub Pub receives statements from all the candidates!

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Back From Break Roundup!

No matter how long you laze in bed, it keeps turning.

Welcome back Cub Pubbers, Cubb Pubbetes, &  Cub Pubians a like. Yes, break is over and that means you have to reset you’re sleep schedule and somehow break out of the habit of doing nothing everyday. We at the Cub Pub know that it can be hard readjusting to society after a week of nihilistic freedom, so let us help you get up to date. Here’s the low down:

  • The CUCR Town Hall: The College republicans town hall was scheduled right before break with the goal of tying up any loose ends about the CUCR/Ahmadinejad scandal. The event was attended by mainly reporters and members of either Columbia repubs or dems and all and all was very low key. There were plenty off jokes and riffing between the slightly tipsy republicans and democrats (who boasted that they pregamed the town hall, AhmadinejaSHOTS!) and maybe a few politicalarguments. On a serious note, executive director Nashoba Santhanam admitted that in the past CUCR has been “deliberately controversial,” and that the new board wants to focus on poltical discussion on campus. The republicans announced that they will have three more speakers for this semester, although they were not ready to announce who.
  • Obamabarnard Continues: It’s a story that’s been talked about on a national scale, from Spec to the New York Times. People are still talking about it though: Bwog recently released an interesting article breaking down the President’s motives for choosing to speak at Barnard. For people who want to look at new issues check out Spec’s CCSC Council Election Coverage!
  • Conflict In Syria: Turning away from Columbia, the bloodshed in Syria continues to get little media coverage in the US or UK. If You haven’t heard, the fighting started last year during the Arab Spring.  Syrians demanded the regination of President Bassar Al-Asad and the end of his party’s nearly 50 year long rule. In response Al-Asad turned his army on the protesters, killing thousands, and there has been conflict ever since. The most recent story out of Syria that has gained wide media attention is the hacking of Al-Assad’s email account, revealing that he enjoys iTunes, country music, and Harry Potter Movies. But while all this makes for good Jon Stuart bits, the reality of these leaked emails is that they reveal messy details of Al-Assad’s opressive regime.
  • The Cub Pub has been silent on the whole Kony 2012 phenomenon. Chances are that you’ve heard it all before: Non profit group “Invisible Children” posted a 30 minute long video on youtube advocating more the arrest of Joseph Kony, an Ugandan warlord and leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army who uses child soldiers and a bunch of other nasty things. The video goes viral hitting over 80 million views and earns the group a cavalcade of new supporters and also critics (most of the facts presented in the film are at least 5 years out of date and Kony is no longer active in Uganda). The most recent news to come out of Invisible Children is that co-founder and the video’s director Jason Russel had a mental breakdown due to stress and ran around in only his underwear. While the drama at Invisible Children is entertaining, what’s going on in Uganda seems to have been overlooked. Recently there was a screening of the Kony 2012 film in Uganda itself and Ugandans were not very happy, even hurling rocks at the screen. They feel like the film trivializes their suffering. For a first hand take check out the video below:
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A Note on the Cub Pub’s update frequency

oh boy blogs aren't the way they used to be

Back under the Czar we had no blogs to update

Last week we posted an editorial about The Columbia Libertarians Blog where we encouraged political blogs on campus to update more frequently. And then immediately afterwards we didn’t update for a week. While we have big dreams, we’re not run by an army of writers like Spec or Bwog.  We still have few people working for us and sometimes that means we have long dry spells. Our goal is to create a small team of blog-o-philes to keep the site updated and relevant but that’s not going to happen until our formal launch. So stay tuned for updates, because our launch is coming soon!

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CPUbeta no more!

The Cub Pub is now cubpub.wordpress.com, instead of cpubeta.wordpress.com. Hopefully this will reduce confusion. We originally chose the name “CPUbeta” while we playing around with wordpress, but now that the blog is live it’s time to get professional. That doesn’t mean the blog won’t evolve from this point- we have a lot of work to do- but at least the URL makes more sense.


Zach Kagan, Editor of The Cub Pub

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The Cub Pub is slowly coming to life, being reanimated by the overwhelming bolts of electrical energy that is political discourse. If you’ve found us at this early stage well congratulations. The Cub Pub is looking for opinionated writers (of any political affiliation) come together in the love of coffee and a good, ol’ fashioned scandal.

Speaking of scandals, the Susan G. Komen scandal is blowing up in the media and on the web. For those who have been focusing this week on the 46th Superbowl- a much more pleasant event despite the presence of tackling- Susan G. Komen For The Cure is the breast cancer non-profit group, or at least the best funded one with the pink ribbons. For years Pro-Life groups have been pressuring Komen to stop funding Planned Parenthood, since PP provides breast cancer services. Recently Komen changed its polices so that institutions under state and federal investigations- such as planned parenthood- would have their funding cut. Many interpreted this as the organization giving in to outside pressure and the backlash was almost instantaneous. Komen has since reversed its decision on Planned Parenthood but the damage has been done with both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice supporters losing faith in Komen’s ideology.

You're going to need a bigger tractor to bury this mess... and it won't be pink by the end of it.

For a politically neutral publication this presents a number of issues. Many have been curious about how the new Cub Pub will handle these situations. The Cub Pub recognizes that despite the best intentions of the author, it’s impossible to be completely unbiased. It also makes for uninteresting political discussion; after all the Cub Pub is not a news source, it is a source of political discussion on Columbia’s campus. That means we at the Cub Pub need writer with a wide variety of political ideologies to reflect those of the students at the university. Can Komen rebound our is this an unredeemable misstep? The discussion starts now: tell us in the comments about what you think.

-Zach Kagan, Editor of the Cub Pub

CPU Updates

Hello (Political) world!

Welcome to the blog of the Columbia Political Union, currently in Beta. We’re getting our act together, but soon we hope to connect politically minded students and facilitate discussion.

Who told you to read this, you sly person you!

We'll try not to be!

Keep a careful eye on us, because gears are turning and balls are rolling! In the meantime, enjoy listening to Jeff Sachs talking about Occupy Wall Street. If that doesn’t start conversation I don’t know what will.

Looking forward to engaging poltical discourse with you soon,

Zach Kagan, CPU Blog Editor