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Senate Candidates Speak Out!: Derrick Fu

derrick fuHere’s another statement sent in from a CCSC Senate Candidate, this time we have Derrick Fu. He’s on the Cub Pub to provide a little insight on what needs to be done in student goverement in a segment he calls It’s Our Senate, Not Theirs.

What’s the biggest problem with USenate today? Simply put: students have no idea what USenate does. More importantly, students don’t understand what their USenate can do. USenate was founded in response to the 1968 riots to serve as a powerful resource not just for faculty/administrators, but for the student body. The student body should have a say in the policy changes it wants and needs.

But that’s not the USenate situation today, and that’s exactly why I’m running to reinvent the Senate-Student Body relationship.

Now here’s how I’m going to give the Senate back to the student body.

Virtual Town Halls – Town halls have been largely ineffective. Despite the flyering and Spec shout-outs, no one shows up. I want to provide students the opportunity to login to an Issue-Specific, Virtual Town Hall [Ex: Town Hall on Student Wellness, Town Hall of Academic Integrity, etc.] directly from their laptops, cutting out the hassle and mundaneness and enabling students to learn about the Senate’s stance and progress on an issue and put forth their own ideas. Ideas like a Social Justice Center, which I will advocate for unrelentingly, need mass student momentum to move forward. With Virtual Town Halls I’m bringing the Senate floor to you – the students.

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