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Best of Old Pub: Cubcasts of Yore (part 1)

The Old Cub Pub occasionally recorded a podcast, believe it or not. What, you don’t believe it? When did I ever lie to you? That was years ago, and it’s not like you were eating them. Christ, they’re only french fries, have some perspective on life.  Look, I can tell you’re flustered. Why not calm yourself down by listening to some intriguing discussion on Healthcare Reform from 2010!

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Best of Old Pub: What Massachusetts Means for Healthcare, the GOP and America

By Tequila Sunrise, January 2010

In the lore of Old Pub, contributor Tequila Sunrise was a legend among mortal men and women. T.S. wrote from a conservative’s perspective on a wide range of issues, including today’s feature on the healthcare debate.

A few months ago, Scott Brown was perhaps best known outside of Massachusetts as the senator-wannabe who once posed naked for Cosmo. But after last Tuesday, few politically aware Americans do not recognize the name Scott Brown. He’s the man who allowed insurance companies and many taxpayers to breathe a sigh of relief (for now). He’s the man who could become the GOP’s new poster boy (after all, he does have modeling experience). And he’s the man that plunged the Democrats into a frenzy of fretting, finger pointing and panic (and perhaps increased the number of Nancy Pelosi’s wrinkles).

But before the Republicans pop the champagne and start celebrating the demise of the health care bill and the likely gains in this year’s elections, they must, well, do something productive.

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