CPU Updates


The Cub Pub is slowly coming to life, being reanimated by the overwhelming bolts of electrical energy that is political discourse. If you’ve found us at this early stage well congratulations. The Cub Pub is looking for opinionated writers (of any political affiliation) come together in the love of coffee and a good, ol’ fashioned scandal.

Speaking of scandals, the Susan G. Komen scandal is blowing up in the media and on the web. For those who have been focusing this week on the 46th Superbowl- a much more pleasant event despite the presence of tackling- Susan G. Komen For The Cure is the breast cancer non-profit group, or at least the best funded one with the pink ribbons. For years Pro-Life groups have been pressuring Komen to stop funding Planned Parenthood, since PP provides breast cancer services. Recently Komen changed its polices so that institutions under state and federal investigations- such as planned parenthood- would have their funding cut. Many interpreted this as the organization giving in to outside pressure and the backlash was almost instantaneous. Komen has since reversed its decision on Planned Parenthood but the damage has been done with both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice supporters losing faith in Komen’s ideology.

You're going to need a bigger tractor to bury this mess... and it won't be pink by the end of it.

For a politically neutral publication this presents a number of issues. Many have been curious about how the new Cub Pub will handle these situations. The Cub Pub recognizes that despite the best intentions of the author, it’s impossible to be completely unbiased. It also makes for uninteresting political discussion; after all the Cub Pub is not a news source, it is a source of political discussion on Columbia’s campus. That means we at the Cub Pub need writer with a wide variety of political ideologies to reflect those of the students at the university. Can Komen rebound our is this an unredeemable misstep? The discussion starts now: tell us in the comments about what you think.

-Zach Kagan, Editor of the Cub Pub