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SOPA/PIPA: A Morningside Retrospective

It certainly felt like the entire population of the internet rose up together to fight SOPA/PIPA, and it looks like we’ve won, at least for the moment. But the fight to quash these bills resulted in more than the bruising of Congressman Lamar Smith’s ego. It compelled both the Columbia Dems and Republicans to be on the same side for once.

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United in the love of cheeseburgers

Both the Dems and Republicans took action against the bills, with the Dems creating a petition campaign, and the republicans writing a strongly worded letter to New York congressional members. Their efforts were separate, but towards the same cause, which makes the Cub Pub feel cautiously hopeful about the future of campus political discourse. There was a time not to far from recent memory when the clashes between the two student groups were frequent and counterproductive for everyone. The situation is a lot less aggressive now thanks to a lot of factors- not to mention the efforts of the Columbia Political Union– but it’s always nice to see that both the left and right on campus can agree that freedom on the net is worth fighting for.