CCSC Elections, CPU Updates

CCSC Election Results + Cub Pub Remodel

Spring, time for a new look for all

You may notice that the Cub Pub looks a bit different. Perhaps a bit swankier? Well that’s because the Cub Pub has broken free of its cocoon and emerged a beautiful bloggy butterfly. In plain English that means that this is the blog’s finalized design. There’s also an all new about page! We’re always tweaking and improving things though, and we love your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments about the website just leave them in a comment below!

In the meantime the Earth still turns and that means that CCSC election results have come in. For sure you already know who won, but Cub Pub has an extensive list after the jump.  However, there is one important detail that you won’t get from any other publication. Both of your new University senators, Matthew Chou and Richard Sun, wrote about their platform here on the Cub Pub. They were two of only three who took advantage of the offer we extended to all senate candidates. Sure, they both ran strong campaigns, but it just goes to show the potential this blog has to get the word out. Congrats Matt and Richard! Next year we hope the Cub Pub receives statements from all the candidates!

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CCSC Elections

Senate Candidates Speak Out!: Matthew Chou

mattSince CCSC elections take place this week, the Cub Pub has reached out to all the College Senate candidates, asking them to share their platform on the blog. First we have Matthew Chou, enjoy and remember to do your civil service by voting this week!

Talking to students about the University Senate, I always hear “What does the Senate even do?” For others, there is a common statement: “I don’t see how Senate’s work affects my life.”

It can be hard to know how to respond. For even the most involved students at Columbia, the Senate often seems like an enigma, a black box that either spits out boring policies or huge decisions, with little room for student feedback or review.

Correct or not, the fact of the matter is that the existence of such a perception means that there is something very wrong. The Senate is second only to the Board of Trustees. How can our relationship be so uncertain?

After serving on the Senate as one of two current student staffers, I’ve seen how University-level issues directly affect students. From liberating our course evaluations data to communicating to the administration the terrible student space situation on campus, it is crucial that our student Senators fight passionately for what students need and hold the University accountable.

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