Events on Campus, Politics is fun

Cub Pub Scrubdown

Columbia life moves fast, and sometimes we just can’t cover all the events that have been going on. That’s a darn shame, but thankfully our fellow campus pubs pick up the slack with their dedicated writing staff armies. So, in a segment we hope will stick around and a name we hope won’t last, let’s go through these articles. Together. As a family. No you can’t go out with your friends, we have plans. It’ll be just as fun, we promise.

poop deck heh

Pictured: "Fun"

Generation Iraq: Last Wednesday, a small cabal of journalists who’ve covered the Iraq war came to the Journalism School to talk about the effect of the war on Americans, Journalists, and Iraqis. It was a really great panel discussion with highlights coming from photographer Ashley Gilbertson, Iraqi journalist Ali Adeeb, and Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman (if she would only get off her iPad). For more check out Laura Kirchner’s article in Capital, linked above.

Herman Cain does Columbia. Everyone has a take on Cain’s presence, and so far it has been pretty good natured. Spec was taken by Cain’s recital of a song from the Pokemon movie while Bwog amused itself with Cain’s silly question & answer session where he discussed pizza toppings. Both occurrences, we should point out, where already predicted in Cub Pub’s own Cain coverage article from last week. All in all it seemed like everyone had fun. See, we promised didn’t we?

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