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Calling it!

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Newt, we'll miss you... well, probably not

Well, it was a fun ride folks. For a minute there it looked Newt may have spared us from from a boring old election season by virtue of his chutzpa alone. But sadly, it seems like the dreams of Obama/Gingrich debates that we bloggers have fantasied about are gone. Tonight Romney won the Florida primary by 46.4% to Newt’s 31.9% and proved he can appeal southern voters. Maybe appeal isn’t so much the right word. At the very least Romney proves that southern voters will settle for a Mormon over a moon-man.

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Looks like Newt Cameo'd in Men in Black. How did they know?

Anyways it’s done, and Romney’s the GOP’s man in the race (we’re sorry Ron Paul fans, you at least win the spirit award). Now that the opening act is over it can only be a week or two before the main event will begin for the republicans: taking the fight to the Obama administration.  Sit back and microwave some popcorn.