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CPU Event: Syria Panel TODAY!!!

seriously, fuck al-asadWe know it’s late in the semester and times are tight, but that doesn’t stop human rights abuses in Syria. Bashar Al-Assad hasn’t let up the violent oppression of his own people since the Arab Spring, where they demanded an end to his political party’s nearly fifty year long rule. Al-Assad’s military intervention against protestors has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Syrians and the violence is continuing. Just recently Al-Assad’s forces shelled and dispersed opposition forces located in the city of Hama, killing fifty people.

The Columbia Political Union will be holding a panel to discuss the future of Syria and the extent of Al-Assad’s violence and if you have any interest then you’ll be doing yourself a great disservice by not attending. The event will be taking place Tuesday (that’s today) in room 517, Hamilton Hall. Panelists will include Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah and Mr. Sarab Al-Jijakli. Be there, or influential international journalist, Fareed Zakaria, will be disappointed in you!

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